The Main Displays Resolution Is 240 X 320 Pixels.

Jul 01, 2016  

Save Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images Believe it or not, the mobile version of Google Maps hasn't had support for multiple destinations . You could plan that multi-city tour on the desktop, but you'd still have to navigate one stop at a time on your phone. You might not have to the next time around, though: Google is quietly pushing what appears to be a server-side update to Maps for Android that lets you set multiple stops. You can navigate to a tourist trap, a restaurant and your hotel without having to enter fresh directions every time. There's no word on iOS support yet. Also, whether or not you'll get it on Android is arbitrary right now -- just having the latest version of Google Maps doesn't guarantee that you'll see it. It'll likely take a few days before the multi-point feature is widely available. So long as you can wait, however, you'll have just the tool you need to plot that lengthy road trip.

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Now you can. The new feature makes it much easier to plan multi-part journeys, and also helps you to determine the most efficient route if you dont need to hit destinations in any particular order. To add an extra destination, you just need to hit the menu button and select Add a stop and... you know the rest. Once one extra stop has been added, there's no need to go via the menu to add more -- you can do it all from the route planner. Just like on the desktop version of Google Maps, you can drag and drop destinations to change the order and experiment with routes. But there's more. A less useful, but equally interesting feature sees the addition of geotagged photos to your Google Maps timeline. Google explains : A lot of the fun of traveling is the memories created while exploring new places with friends, family or even solo. Pictures are a traditional way to remember those moments, but now Your Timeline users on Android can preserve their travel memories and info in a new way.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit At long, long last, Google Maps on Android and iOS has multiple destination support